GFB - WGA 7303 Mitsubishi EVO X

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The GFB WGA is a high performance internal wastegate actuator designed to improve boost control on internally wastegated turbos. By using a significantly larger diaphragm area than the OEM actuator, the WGA has more control authority over the wastegate flap, meaning exhaust backpressure cannot override the flap position as easily, resulting in more stable and reliable boost control.

Supplied with 3 springs and a unique turnbuckle pre-load adjustment, the base boost pressure can be configured and adjusted from 5psi to 24psi for the best possible boost control.


The GFB WGA features a longer stroke, shorter height, and more adjustment than its rivals.


GFB  WGA part # 7303 is designed to bolt on to EVO X models with the factory turbo. The 10psi and 7psi springs are installed for a base pressure of 17psi, with the 5psi spring included in the packaging for additional tuning options..


Please note that whilst this is a physical “bolt-on” product, it should be considered a tuning tool as it WILL increase boost pressure and therefore TUNING IS REQUIRED.