Datatec - ICON Diesel Tuning Module - TOYOTA

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Supports Commonrail Diesel Engines by Mobile App and Dashmounted controllers.

Can be turned On or Off - If Off, then the engine uses OEM factory settings.  

Has 3 modes controllable via free Mobile App

  • Mode 1 has a customized Map tuned for Economy or Load 
  • Mode 2 has a customized Map tuned for Power
  • AI Mode uses Artificial Intelligence to learn your driving style and adjust fueling via Injector Duration and Common Rail Pressure to best suit. Benefits are lower fuel consumption, improved engine response or more power accordingly.


Real-Time Tuning of: 

Commonrail Pressure, Injector Duration vs Throttle position, Boost 

Advanced Tuning Section - users can increase or decrease injector duration by % via the mobile app Analysis graph. 


Display Gauges on mobile phone screen for: 

RPM, Speed via GPS , Boost Pressure in Bar, Volts , or Airflow g/s, Commonrail Pressure in Volts, MPA or % of maximum , Weather and Location display.


Comes with:

ECU, Tune Indicator , Wireless Dongle and Engine Loom


Will require additional fitting and calibration on the dyno.